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                                                  Off Leash Dog Parks

            Whether you are a dog owner or not you have to appreciate the wisdom of the community in embracing our four legged friends and giving them a place of their own to romp and play.  There are several off leash dog parks within the community that allow for social interaction, exercising, and training while providing dog stations for keeping the parks clean. 


           Here is a list of current off leash parks that welcome your well behaved dogs. 

  • Bear Creek Regional Park: 25 acres of fenced area that borders Bear Creek.  There is an additional 2 acre area for small dogs that is separated from the large dog play area. This park is on the west side of town near Cheyenne Mt. and on 21st street.   Fenced.
  • Garden of the Gods Dog Park: an area east of Rock Ledge Ranch on 30th.  3130 N. 30th street.  Hours:  5 AM to 11 PM May –Oct. 5 AM- 9PM Nov-March.  Not fenced
  • Rampart Dog Park: Located near Rampart High school and next to the baseball diamond.  8270 Lexington.  5 AM -11 PM May- Oct  and 5 AM- 9 PM Nov – March.  Water spigots and benches provided.  Fenced 
  • Palmer Park Dog Park: park is located at an old baseball field. There is a fenced play area.  3650 Maizeland Rd.
  • Red Rock Canyon: Unfenced areas uphill from the parking lot.  Upper and lower dog loop.  Open dawn to dusk daily.  High street.
  • Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park:  Fenced area at the southern part of the park.  Canoe Creek. 

           Remember it is up to the owner to keep control of their dogs at all times and to monitor activity.  Other tips for a safe and happy outing:

             1.  Use dog toys for your interaction with your pet, don’t let him carry them inside the play area as it might cause fights

             2. Make sure your dogs vaccinations are up to date

             3. If your female dog is in heat –leave her at home or take her for walks with you on a leash

             4. Don’t let small children play inside the dog play areas.

              5. If your dog is playing rough then leash or remove him

              6. Remember to clean up after your dog.


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