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AdAmAn Club Heads for the Summit

          While most of us here in Colorado Springs are having our second cup of coffee and processing our agenda for the day, the AdAmAn club is sharing a warm meal together at the edge of the Barr Trail and discussing the upcoming climb to the Summit of Pikes Peak.  The club originated in 1922 with only 5 members: Ed and Fred Morath, Fred Barr, Willis Magee, and Harry Standley, and with the addition of Bill Slaughter this year, the club has grown to 91 members. 


             The AdAmAn club has grown in popularity over the years and each new member is selected from a large list of applicants.  The members are a group of avid mountaineers that embrace the original “Frozen Five’s” vision to spend New Years Eve void of boring cocktail parties.  The original 5 picked up abandoned flairs along the trail and lit them on top of Pikes Peak at the stroke of midnight.  A huge bon fire was also built and the display could be seen for miles.  Thus the tradition of having a fire works display at the stroke of midnight every year was born. 


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            For those that want to experience a more luxurious lifestyle there are several country and golf clubs conveniently located in and around the greater Colorado Springs area.  Starting with the elegant Country Club of Colorado at Cheyenne Mountain nestled in the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain and conveniently located near the Broadmoor resort.  There is something for everyone including swimming, tennis, fitness, and of course golf.  The various memberships available include everything from just a social or recreational membership all the way up to the corporate all inclusive membership with unlimited access to the golf course. 

            For those that want to experience the majestic views of the infamous Garden of the Gods a membership to the Kissing Camels Country Club and Spa would be an option. With over 75 overnight accommodations this is a favorite for that weekend get away. Other amenities include fine dining, fitness, tennis, recreation area, and of course a beautifully designed golf course. Memberships available include the regular, sports, social, and the national for the out of towners. 

            The Woodmoor Pines Golf Club in Monument is now associated with Kings Deer Golf Club giving members more options for golf and dining.  Nestled within the tall pines of the Black Forest it provides seclusion as well as outstanding views of the Front Range.  Memberships range from the Full to the Social depending upon the needs of the customer and their interests. 

            The Colorado Springs Country Club provides great golf opportunities as well as fitness, tennis, swimming, and special events.  There are various golf memberships allowing for the occasional game or the more inclusive for those die hard players.  There is also a social and clubhouse membership for those non golfers that enjoy the other amenities of the country club atmosphere. 

            Flying Horse takes pride in the fine dining atmosphere provided allowing even non members to book special events.  Amenities include dining, tennis, fitness, golf, and an upscale spa.  Memberships vary from the full to junior, and from the social to corporate depending upon inclusions. 

            The opportunities are endless for entertaining, fitness, business conferences, family gatherings, and special occasions at the areas upscale country clubs and spas. Taking the time to preview the club as well as talking to the membership team should be part of the process of choosing the right club matching lifestyle to amenities and location.

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                                                  Off Leash Dog Parks

            Whether you are a dog owner or not you have to appreciate the wisdom of the community in embracing our four legged friends and giving them a place of their own to romp and play.  There are several off leash dog parks within the community that allow for social interaction, exercising, and training while providing dog stations for keeping the parks clean. 


           Here is a list of current off leash parks that welcome your well behaved dogs. 

  • Bear Creek Regional Park: 25 acres of fenced area that borders Bear Creek.  There is an additional 2 acre area for small dogs that is separated from the large dog play area. This park is on the west side of town near Cheyenne Mt. and on 21st street.   Fenced.
  • Garden of the Gods Dog Park: an area east of Rock Ledge Ranch on 30th.  3130 N. 30th street.  Hours:  5 AM to 11 PM May –Oct. 5 AM- 9PM Nov-March.  Not fenced
  • Rampart Dog Park: Located near Rampart High school and next to the baseball diamond.  8270 Lexington.  5 AM -11 PM May- Oct  and 5 AM- 9 PM Nov – March.  Water spigots and benches provided.  Fenced 
  • Palmer Park Dog Park: park is located at an old baseball field. There is a fenced play area.  3650 Maizeland Rd.
  • Red Rock Canyon: Unfenced areas uphill from the parking lot.  Upper and lower dog loop.  Open dawn to dusk daily.  High street.
  • Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park:  Fenced area at the southern part of the park.  Canoe Creek. 

           Remember it is up to the owner to keep control of their dogs at all times and to monitor activity.  Other tips for a safe and happy outing:

             1.  Use dog toys for your interaction with your pet, don’t let him carry them inside the play area as it might cause fights

             2. Make sure your dogs vaccinations are up to date

             3. If your female dog is in heat –leave her at home or take her for walks with you on a leash

             4. Don’t let small children play inside the dog play areas.

              5. If your dog is playing rough then leash or remove him

              6. Remember to clean up after your dog.

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Winter Car Survival Kit


                        With advanced warning systems and increased population no one ever expects to get caught in a winter storm situation that traps them on our highways, but it happens.  Preparedness gives you the best chance of survival until help arrives.  Keeping a survival kit in the car during the winter months is just one way to ensure the best possible outcome should the unthinkable happen.

Winter in the Rockies

Winter in the Rockies


                        The Colorado Division of Emergency Management has set basic guidelines to handle blizzard conditions that trap you in a car including carrying the following in a water tight container in the trunk.

  • high-calorie, non-perishable food
  • flashlight with extra batteries
  • first aid kit
  • knife
  • extra clothing to keep dry
  • a tin can and water-proof matches to melt snow for drinking water
  • sack of sand (or cat litter)
  • collapsible shovel
  • windshield scraper and brush
  • tool kit
  • tow rope
  • booster cables
  • water container
  • sterno
  • pencil/paper/cards
  • duct tape
  • Bright red cloth for signal banner

                        Some other items that might be helpful are light sticks and heat packets for inside gloves and socks.  Keep a cell phone charger in the car as well. 

                         If you are caught in a blizzard here are some suggestions by the Emergency Management team:

  • Pull off the road, set hazard lights to flashing, and hang a distress flag (red bandana or shop towel) from the radio antenna or window. Remain in your vehicle; rescuers are most likely to find you there.
  • Conserve fuel, but run the engine and heater about ten minutes each hour to keep warm, cracking a downwind window slightly to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Exercise to maintain body heat but don’t over-exert. Huddle with other passengers and use your coat for a blanket.
  • In extreme cold use road maps, seat covers, floor mats, newspapers or extra clothing for covering–anything to provide additional insulation and warmth.
  • Turn on the inside dome light so rescue teams can see you at night, but be careful not to run the battery down. In remote areas, spread a large cloth over the snow to attract the attention of rescue planes.
  • Do not set out on foot unless you see a building close by where you know you can take shelter.
  • Once the blizzard is over, you may need to leave the car and proceed on foot. Follow the road if possible. If you need to walk across open country, use distant points as landmarks to help maintain your sense of direction.


According to the Minnesota Department of safety one of the most important things to keep in mind is:

     Keep Fresh Air in Your Vehicle

     It’s much better to be cold and awake than comfortably warm and sleepy. Wet or wind-driven snow can plug your vehicle’s exhaust system and cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to enter your vehicle. Don’t run the engine unless you are sure the exhaust pipe is free of snow. Keep snow off the radiator to prevent the engine from overheating.

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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Winter Safety tips for homeowners

    It’s that time of year again when we need to assess how ready we are to turn on the furnace, cozy up to the fireplace, and break out the electric blankets.  Here are a few safety tips listed by Colorado Springs Utilities http://www.csu.org/residential/greenback/energy/tips/item2846.html

              Some of the highlights include:

√ Install a carbon monoxide alarm near heating appliances and on every floor of your home.
√ Never operate a vehicle, lawn mower, snow blower or other fuel-burning equipment in an attached garage, even with the door open.
√ Do not use your gas range or oven for heat. Never burn charcoal indoors.
√ Make sure your clothes dryer is properly vented and free of lint.
√ If you use a fireplace, crack a window one to two inches to allow fresh air into the room.

          One area that usually gets neglected especially in winter when we are washing heavy blankets, is the dryer vent system.  Blockages in the vent system by a buildup of lint can overheat the dryer and lead to fires such as the one below

Dryer fire caused by lint clogging vent system


          Be sure to contact your local utilities department for more winter prep tips.

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