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Another Realtor in Colorado

Why would anyone be a Realtor in today’s market?  That’s a question I get asked numerous times each week.  Each person is ready to hear the doom and gloom and woes of being a Realtor.  I love it and can’t imagine doing anything else.  Why?  Because I thrive on viewing, staging, marketing, and selling homes as well as helping people to purchase them. 

OK so this is going to be another blog that discusses certain aspects of the Real Estate world but the attempt will be to inject some of my personality as well as educate and interact with all of you.  This is a place to come with a good cup of coffee and a few free minutes to feel welcome and possibly find some little tidbit of info about Colorado Springs and the housing market that you might not know.


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Monday morning coffee

Here is the ever popular Monday morning posting: You know you are really bored when…..

You know you are really bored when…………you watch the forward progression of a vehicle up I 25 on the traffic cams!  For your viewing pleasure visit http://www.kktv.com/trafficcams  

For those that need a little more excitement try watching the state cams during a snow storm.

Any ideas?  Feel free to email your ideas to las@tsayer.com.  Check in next Monday for the next addition to the weird and wacky: You know you are really bored when……….

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